“Because of our faith in him we dare to have boldness, courage,
and confidence in coming to God with freedom and without fear.”

(Ephesians 3:12 AP)

Everything God does in your life, he does by his grace and through your faith. So if you want God to work through you to influence those around you, start by developing a deeper trust in him!

Pastor Rick Warren shows you how in his Daring Faith Study Kit.

As you explore the 6 faith-building sessions in this DVD Bible study, you’ll learn how to:

• Find the courage to leave your comfort zone
• Make a lasting difference in the lives of others
• Use generosity to change your life
• And more!

The Daring Faith Study Kit is our way of thanking you for your gift today to share the hope of Christ through Daily Hope.

Daring Faith will help give you the courage to transform your life and impact the world around you.

So request your copy when you give today!